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  The 10 requests a cat to man
   1. My life is 10 to 15 years. Any separation from you will mean to me a disease.
Consider it before you buy me!
2. Give me time to settle myself with you and understand what you want from me!
3. Plant trust in me! I live it.
4. Zorner long and I never lock myself to the punishment does not!
You have your work, your pleasure and your friends. I have only you!
5. Talk to me! While I do not understand your words, yet the voice that appeals to me.
6. Know that, as always, traded on me. I never forget it.
7. Think before you hit me that I could defend myself and you can easily scratch and bite, but I do not use it.
8. Before you love me "angry" or "stubborn" scold, I think am a stubborn creature that you can never be entirely subordinate.
9. Take care of me when I'm getting old - you too will grow old.
10. Go every major corridor with me.
Never say: "I can not see sowas" or "It will happen in my absence."
It is easier for me, with you



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