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Deadly E-mail

Always when she came home, she sat down at the computer,
chose a the Internet and stay in there as long
until she sent her mother into bed.

But that day it was different, she had fallen in love.
There was hardly a minute, where they do not
thought of him.
She had only his nickname in the head
and its description.
She thought constantly about how he probably
would look like.
They had never really talked about himself,
never about personal details such as exact
City or something.
You just knew that he lived in Germany,
like themselves,
But about 400 miles west
too far to visit him.

You could trust him to be able to let go,
could be dropped if they with him
what they otherwise could not.
In real terms, she was very shy, afraid to
hardly anything.
But in chat when she spoke to him,
then they could drop the right to
Your feelings can be free running.

But that would fall in love with him;
because they never thought.
She did not think it possible, in a
Love to chat,
but now it had happened;
They could not do anything about it.
Several days passed, she thought
incessantly at him;
had often been so close to him to
but they never made it.
But then the day came when she decided to
to tell him.
When they were out of school to the PC
and went into the chat, he was not there.
You wartete.Lange, but he did not.
Otherwise, he was always da.Jeden day at the same
But not today.
She had no idea what
was interfered.
And already feared the worst.
And since the idea came to her, e-mails
after zulesen.
She had post, it was an e-mail from him.
As they read the subject, got into it a
strange on emotion.
A queasy feeling in her stomach.
A feeling that you stay away for the air
In the subject line was: I'm sorry, I do
you no more!
She took the mail to .....
Well, you

I'm sorry that I had it to you much sooner
should say,
would never let it get to
I'm not the one you think.
I'm just an ordinary man can
with the honest, do nothing.
I lied to you all the time.
In reality, I just wanted someone
In reality, I can not stand you.
You and your eternal whining,
you, with your thoroughly warped by the perspective
Life and everything.
I played with, because it was what
you wanted.
But I can not stand you now me,
so I'll leave you alone.
This is the last thing you hear from me.

She could not believe it.
Each word felt like,
as if a knife stab into her heart.
It hurt so terribly, as she read.
The tears she could no longer
. back
She rolled down her cheeks to chin.
It felt like the thorns in it
She was alone at home, fortunately.
So they would not have dared, in the
Rooms to go.
And the tears she could not even
. suppress
It came out of it
as if she had not for years
She felt as if these
Words destroy everything in it,
burn ......
She did not want more ..
He was the only person they had trusted.
But it was all just a show ......

He was not real, this person that they
She loved hated.
She wanted to live any longer.
Everything that was what they believed was a
And the worst was still
he had to tell her so.
He would otherwise have done .......
But why so??
And why just her, and not to any other
naive chatters?
She did not look right
Her eyes were full of tears.
And it burned into her formally.
She could still recall that
her mother once sleeping pills
had bought.

In the bathroom they had to be how a few
Even days,
when she had found it by accident.
She sat down again to the PC,
before her was the Inbox
No new news .......
The lid of the tube larded away, when she
opened it.
There were some white tablets.
So small and yet so dangerous.
She took out one, and she swallowed.
It was disgusting, it tasted
horribly bitter,
But the tablet immediately disappeared into her stomach.

The rest can not be that bad
is equal to yes before passing it thought
and swallowed the rest of the tablets
How long did she see and mail from him
could not be said that it had
Must have been hours.
Her head was getting heavier
The eyelids were as heavy as lead.
It burned in her stomach,
but she felt it no more.
Everything was muffled as if through cotton wool.
The head fell on the keyboard, your eyes

The heart was always slower
fell asleep.

Forever .....

She was found the next morning.
Dead in front of the PC in the hands of the empty
And on the screen, a message.
Irgednwer the doctors had to
Open haben.Darin Status:

God, what has my brother for a
Mist written?
I'm sorry, I have not
written .....
mir.Bitte think ....
I could never hurt you .....

If you have this mail also affect the way myself
then take it with you and forwards or build it into your HP.
That such men make such jokes to stop driving.
For sowas is NOT FUNNY! 




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