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Am I one day be frail and weak,
and excruciating pain constantly keeps me awake,
what you have to do then - do it alone.
The final battle will be lost.

That you are very sad, I well understand.
Not hesitate to hand over your grief.
Happened that day - more than ever --
Your friendship has the hardest consist.

We live together in years of good luck.
Fear of the Must? There is no turning back.
You do not want that I am suffering here.
Give drum when the time comes, please set me free.

Only - please stay with me until the end
although it must be hard for you.
And hold me tightly, and red to me carefully,
until my eyes come to rest.

Over time - and I am sure - you'll know it,
It was your love that you shown me.
Trusting eyes one last time --
You have freed me from pain and anguish

And do not grieve, if you're used to it,
the master of this difficult decision.
We were both so close together.
It should not be that your heart is crying for me.

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