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Last Will of a pet

Dear Papa, my loved one about everything!
Do you remember how and when we met for the first time?
Do you remember how happy we were
and how much we loved?
Even if you think you would have chosen for myself,
but I had chosen YOU.
I came to you because I wanted to YOU.
My job was to make you happy.
Even though I was sometimes rude
and you've been annoyed at me,
even if there were hard times
especially recently as I was old and sick,
so long we were there for each other,
and we were happy.
Thank you for the home that you gave me,
Thank you for your love!

But unfortunately my time is over
our paths have separated.
You can not accompany me this time,
I must geh'n without you.
I know you're sad and wanted to keep me,
but it did not go.
I am now free again
and I have no more pain.
And even if you do not see every day about you,
I have not left you,
but you went on ahead.
Be sure, I live
- In your heart and in the land of rainbows.
The love we shared,
will bind us forever, until we wiederseh'n!

My last wish to you is,
let 'my place is not empty,
let another animal into your house and your heart into it.
Forbid you your love in my heart for me
as it keeps me alive forever,
please be aware that I do as much love for ever.
But precisely for this reason is important to me
that my place at your side is not empty
With a new companion you show me
you that our life together was important
Do not say my death hurts so much
and you want to experience anymore.
Would you since your pain
and want to share your grief at the price
that you all our love and memories
lose our common hours?
This will also be using the new animal so!
Do not say you're too old,
you can not bear the responsibility,
there are so many old animals,
which nobody wants, for the short time left to them.
Do not say you had loved me so
and I did not want to reveal.
You do not betray me,
The new guy will not delete but to honor our love.
Just because you have loved me so much
It would be sad if this loving heart no one else would get.

The place that I had in your heart
belongs to me forever,
But I hope
that you can be happy again someday.
Therefore, I would like to give everything,
what I had in this world:
my bed, which filled troughs,
the caressing hands.
All my belongings to get a poor creature,
that nobody else wants
an animal, uncharitable people have committed, or is suspended,
a baby or older animal,
which otherwise would probably be killed.
My last wish is to
give my inheritance to an animal,
that it urgently needs.

I love and am waiting for you,
Your loving you forever companion
in the rainbow country.

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