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The man and the cat

The man was very sad. He knew that the days of his cat were counted. The vet had done all in the end he had said that the man should take the cat home with you and then make her as comfortable as possible. The man patted the cat on his lap. The cat opened her eyes and looked at the man rolled a tear on the cheek of the man and landed on the head of the cat. The cat looked at him confused.
"Why are you crying?" Asked the cat. "You are crying because you thought of losing me not, you endure? Because you think you could not replace me? "
The man nodded, "Yes."
"And where do you think I'll be after I leave you," asked the cat.
The man shuddered helplessly.
Complete the "please your eyes," said the Cat. The man looked inquiringly at the cat, but did her a favor. "What color are my eyes and my hair," said the cat.
"Your eyes are golden color and your skin is a rich warm brown," said the man
"Where's my coat at the darkest," said the cat.
"On your back, your legs, nose and eyes," replied the man
"Where do you see me most," said the cat.
"I see you on the kitchen windowsill, watching the birds. In my favorite chair at my desk in the important papers, which I happen to need. On my pillow next to my head at night ......," said the man
The cat nodded.
"You can see me in all these places, even though your eyes are closed," said the cat. "Of course. I've seen you there for so many years, "said the man
The cat replied, "then you need only whenever you want to see me, close your eyes and you will see me."
"But you will not really be there," replied the man sadly.
"Really?" Asked the cat. "Please lift the cord there on the floor, which then, my toy."
The man opened his eyes and picked up the piece of string. It was two feet long and the cat had spent hours playing with it.
"What is this piece of twine," said the cat.
"It is made of cotton," replied the man
"It originates from a plant," said the cat.
"Yes," said the man
The cat said, "From a plant, or several?"
"From many cotton plants," said the man
"And on this earth to grow on the cotton plants, it is also possible that there grow other plants and flowers? Would a rose growing next to the cotton, "said the cat.
"Yes, I'm sure that was going," replied the man
"All the plants were nourished by the earth and everyone would drink the same rain," said the cat.
"Yes, it would be possible," said the man
"Then, all these plants, the rose and the cotton, very similar, although they appear to the outside world so different," said the Cat.
The man nodded in agreement with the head, although he did not see what all this had to do with his current situation.
"This piece of cord," said the cat, "it is the only piece that was made of cotton?" "No," the man said "That's not it's safe. It is a piece of string from a string role. "
"And you know where all the other cords are of this role and where the role is," said the cat.
"No, I do not know. It is impossible to know it, "replied the man
"But even though you do not know where all these pieces, do you think the fact that they exist. Thus, if a piece of rope is here with you and others elsewhere, some are longer and others shorter, and even if there is not just a string role, You agree that all are related to each other, "said the Cat.
"I never thought about it, but yes, I think that they are doing," said the man
"What would happen if a piece of cotton string would fall to the ground," said the cat.
"Well, it would eventually covered with soil and thus may increase again," replied the man
"Yes," said the Cat. "It would then grow more cotton, or a rose."
"Yes, that is certainly possible," replied the man
"Then a rose would sprout on your window sill, which has led to the cord in your hand as a relationship, as in all other parts of the cords, of which you do not know where they are," said the Cat.
The man wrinkled his brow thoughtfully.
"Please take the end of each of the cord in one hand," asked the cat.
The man did so.
"The end in your left hand is my birth and the end is in your right hand is my death. Now run along both ends, "said the cat.
The man did so.
"You have now created a circle," said the Cat. "Does any place in this band different, better or worse than another?"
The man inspected the piece of rope, then shook his head. "No."
Distinguishes "the interior of the circulation of the external," said the cat.
Again the man's head, "No shaking", but he was not sure to understand correctly the cat. Complete the "Your eyes again," said the Cat. "Now lick your hand."
The man pulled his eyes in astonishment.
"Please do," said the Cat. "Lick your hand and you think of me here on my trusted sites. Also think of the parts of the cord, think of the cotton and the Rose. Also, remember that the interior of the cycle is no different from the outside. "
The man felt a little foolish, but he licked his hand, as has been said to him. He noted that it was very reassuring, licking her paw. And it surely knew cats das freed the head, one could think much clearer. He licked his hand further and began to smile. It was the first smile in many days. He waited for the cat asked him to stop licking my hand. When they did not, the man opened his eyes. The cat's eyes were closed.
The man stroked her warm brown skin, but the cat was gone.
The man closed his eyes again, while tears ran down his cheeks. He saw his cat on the windowsill in his bed, lying on his important papers. He saw her on his pillow next to his head, saw the bright golden eyes and the darkest point of their fur on the nose and ears. He opened his eyes and looked over at a rose that bloomed in a pot on the windowsill of the kitchen and then to the rope, which he still held together as a circle in his hands.
One day, not long after, a cat was sitting on his lap. She was a beautiful tricolor Lucky Cat with a high proportion of white, like cotton. She looked completely different than his earlier, much loved cat, and yet so similar.


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