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The Testament of a cat

When people die, they make a will
to their homes and everything they have,
to leave those they love.
I would also make such 'a will
If I could write.
A poor, wistful, lonely stray
I would leave my happy home,
my bowl, my comfy bed
my soft pillow, my toy
and the beloved lap
gently stroking hand,
the loving voice,
the place that I was in someone's heart,
the love that I finally
help to a peaceful and painless end is
held in loving arms.

When I die, then say 'do not ask:
"Never again will I have a pet,
The loss hurts too much! "
Claim a lonely, unloved cat
And give 'her my seat.
This is my heritage.
The love that I am leaving behind, is all
I can give.

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